Homeworlds Live Winter League 2021

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Tournament results

Results grid: This grid shows the outcome of all 84 individual games. The text of each cell is a link to the record of the game. You can click any cell to study the moves of that game.


Captain division
  1. Babamots (8)
  2. Trydnt (7.5)
  3. ts52 (7)
  4. dlwillson (6.5)
  5. ajo (5)
  6. wil (4.5)
  7. Felix (3.5)
Cadet division
  1. DodoBirb (11)
  2. Stevie Sasquatchie (10)
  3. capi3101 (7)
  4. Dther (6)
  5. twes (4)
  6. VIVIT (3)
  7. iJamesGC (1)


Most importantly, every player won at least one game and tasted the sweetness of victory!

One of the most exciting parts of the tournament was the Babamots vs ts52 game. This was the last game played in the Captain Division, and because the players' scores were tied, the winner of this game would win first place in the division.

Similarly exciting were the games between DodoBirb and Stevie Sasquatchie. Before their games, Stevie was undefeated and DodoBirb had only lost once. DodoBirb could win first place in the division, but only by defeating Stevie twice.

Many of the players had never played with short game timers before. The timers made some people nervous, possibly giving an advantage to calmer opponents.

In the Captain Division, three of the 42 games were draws. Since Super Duper Games (SDG) is the primary source of records of Homeworlds games and SDG does not allow draws, it's difficult to tell whether this frequency for draws is unusual. Several players said they were surprised that the number of draws was so high.

Mirroring a recent trend on Super Duper Games, Stevie Sasquatchie frequently used Gemini openings that took some Cadet players off guard.


Tournament instructions

I plan to close registration and start scheduling matches in the last week of January, 2021.
Plan on playing two games per week starting in February.

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