The Great Homeworlds Tournament of 2018

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The first games started near the end of July, 2018 and the last game ended on June 7, 2019. Here are links to tables showing the results of all tournament games. The final scores were these:
  1. (9) Babamots
  2. (8) dlwillson, Felix, and wil
  3. (7) mneme and Trydnt
  4. (6) ajo
  5. (4.5) ts52
  6. (3.5) Draw5PlayAll
  7. (3) speardane
  8. (2) eliscinsky
  9. (0) DodoBirb
Babamots appears as the winner, but it's worth noting that Felix timed out in his game against speardane (the bot made by ajo). ajo agreed to play a rematch (which Felix should have won easily), but they didn't get around to it. Accepting that theoretical result, Babamots and Felix draw for the win, leaving only a two-way draw for second between dlwillson and wil. mneme and Trydnt tie for the bronze medal.
The rules state that the player with most wins is the tournament winner, but I am pretty interested in other ways of scoring. I ran PageRank on the results (including games with withdrawn players). This method gives more points for defeating strong players. Here are the PageRank-scores for the non-withdrawn players:
  1. (507) Felix
  2. (454) Babamots
  3. (378) dlwillson
  4. (318) wil
  5. (249) Trydnt
  6. (222) ajo
  7. (221) eliscinsky
  8. (217) ts52
  9. (204) mneme
  10. (196) speardane
  11. (69) Draw5PlayAll
  12. (10) DodoBirb

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