BGA game record converter


  1. Go to a game review page like this one.
  2. Get the game log into HWL format with one of these two processes:
    • Use use a bookmarlet
      1. Use this javascript to copy the HWL-formatted log directly to your system clipboard
      2. You can use these video instructions to make a bookmarklet.
    • Use the online converter below (extra steps)
      1. Scroll down to see the text record of the game, like the one pictured on the right.
      2. Select and copy the game record.
      3. Paste the entire record into the box below. The timestamps will be included, which is fine.
      4. Click the "Convert" button below.
      5. Scroll down to see the record converted to several styles.
        • The condensed BGA format has the timestamps and turn restarts removed.
        • SDG format is fairly compact but descriptive, so I prefer it most of the time.
  3. Import the HWL log into the HWL sandbox for smooth visual game review.

(SDG conversion is very picky. Use full action names only, semicolons between actions, no extra spaces, player names follow "homeworld" actions.)
Paste your BGA or SDG game record here

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Record will appear here
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